Growing Green

20% off and fewer clothes going to landfill? Yes.

Go-green initiative

Return your used clothes, and we'll find them a new loving home

William and the Wolf is starting a go-green initiative when it comes to our clothing. Every parent knows that children grow quickly, and they grow out of their clothes even quicker!

Each William and the Wolf product is handmade, and made to last. We want to save our clothing from going to landfill sites once they get too small for your little cub.

How it works

Return, reward. Wash, resell.

How does it work? 

Well, its really very simple. Just post back any William and the Wolf clothing that no longer fits and receive a 20% voucher off your next shop. 

The clothing that we receive back will be thoroughly washed, repaired and re-listed in our “Growing Green” section of our store. For anyone who wants to buy handmade but at a fraction of the price, the Growing Green section will be for you! 

For more information and info on how to return your items, please give us an email on [email protected] with Growing Green in the subject line. 

Help us, help close the gap.

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