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William and the Wolf loves the environment. 

Recently, my partner and I have been adopting a plastic free lifestyle, combined with shopping only from independent retailers. In seeing the amount of waste that is produced by big businesses, it only seems fair that small businesses also cut down too! 


William and the Wolf would like to start a go-green initiative when it comes to our clothing. Every parent knows that kids grow quickly, and they grow out of their clothes even quicker! Each William and the Wolf product is handmade, and made to last; we want to save our clothing from going to landfill sites once they get too small for your little cub. The only catch is... we need your help to do that! 

How does it work?

Well, its really very simple - just post back any William and the Wolf clothing that no longer fits and receive a voucher in return! 

We're offering you 20% of the value of the product you're posting back in return! So that means, if you post back a Romper that cost you £30, you get back £6 in vouchers; pretty good, right?

The clothing that we receive back will be thoroughly washed, any necessary repairs done, and relisted at a discounted price in our "growing-green" section of the store. These can be purchased as normal, but with a little bit of smugness at how you are helping to close the gap when it comes to recycling.   

Is it that easy? Yes! If you'd like to find out more, please click here download a returns form to post back to us.  

Terms and Conditions:

  • Clothing must be in a condition where it can be re-sold, or only require minor repairs.

  • Any clothing that is sent to us in a condition where it cannot be sold will be recycled, however a voucher will not be issued.

  • William and the Wolf reserves the right to make the judgement on the condition of the clothing.

  • The vouchers given in exchange for clothing will have a unique, single use code which will be valid for a year.

  • William and the Wolf will contact you within 7 days of receiving your returns to issue your voucher code. If you have not heard from us, please contact hi@williamandthewolf.co.uk.

  • We cannot cover the return postage costs.

  • Please note, these terms & conditions may change, but William and the Wolf will ensure vouchers previously given will be honoured. For queries, please contact hi@williamandthewolf.co.uk.