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Gift Cards

A William and the Wolf Gift Card makes a wonderful present for all occasions. Available to use online, treat someone to a William and the Wolf Gift Card and let them choose their perfect present. 

Please note - William and the Wolf gift cards are digital only. You will not receive a physical product. Gift cards may take up to 24hrs before they are activated and ready to use. 

Gift Card FAQs

How can I buy a gift card? 


Just fill in the form above. You will then receive an email with your gift card code on it. Please allow up to 24hrs after purchasing for us to validate your code. If your gift card doesn't work after this time, please email hi@williamandthewolf.co.uk 

How much money can I put on a gift card?

You can buy gift cards between the value of £5-£100. For any amount over £100, multiple gift cards will need to be purchased. 

What happens if I return something that has been bought with a gift card?


You will receive a new code with the refunded amount on it, once the refund has been processed. 


What happens if my order amount isn't the same as my gift card balance?

If your order amount is over your gift card amount, the amount on your gift card will be deducted. If the order amount is under the amount on your gift card, a new code will be sent to you within 24hrs of your purchase. If no code has been sent, please email hi@williamandthewolf.co.uk

How long is my gift card valid for?

Your gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

How do I use my gift card?


Once you are ready to check out, simply enter your gift card code in the Promo Code box. It should then automatically deduct your gift card amount from your total.